Buying a new or used reactor tank

Storage containers are used for a wide array of applications, varying from stationary storage to models designed for transport purposes. Many of these tanks are similar in the sense that the substances or products they contain are so well protected they will remain in the same condition for a long period of time. Other reservoirs are designed to facilitate specific treatment processes, mainly of liquids. These vessels - referred to as reactor tanks or process tanks - are also available through BTS Tank Solutions in both new and second-hand versions.

Reactor tank usage and features

As the name suggests, reactor vessels are used to generate, assist and facilitate chemical reactions and processes. This is why they are also referred to as process tanks, or - more commonly - mixing tanks. These reactor, process or chemical mixing tanks are designed to facilitate the chemically pure and safe mixing and reaction of liquids. The resulting chemicals are then used as end-products or applied in further treatments or processes. Reactor tanks are mainly used in the chemical and industrial sectors due to their specific and specialised capacities. The vessels often feature extras such as an automatic agitator or mixing system, dosing functionalities, measuring equipment and other indicators, sealing covers, pumps, cage ladders, butterfly valves, protective shields and heat exchangers. Applications will thus depend on the individual vessel's features.

Purchasing a reactor tank through BTS Tank Solutions

With a growing number of customers in Belgium, Germany, the UK, France, Luxembourg and the Netherlands, we can now rightfully claim to specialise in reactor tanks and process vessels. BTS Tank Solutions is offered second-hand units on a regular basis. We also have a limited number of new reactor vessels in stock. No matter which unit you choose, all tanks are guaranteed to meet the highest quality standards. The second-hand process tanks we purchase from other businesses are subjected to an intensive inspection upon arrival to check for any damages and defects. In order to ensure nothing is left to chance, each used tank is thoroughly cleaned. After all: your safety is our number one concern. As you would expect, our refurbished reactor tanks also meet all applicable product guidelines and standards.

Sale and purchase of reactor tanks

Feel free to call or email us if you have a process reservoir or reactor vessel you would like to sell. Your reactor tank is valuable, and BTS Tank Solutions will be glad to buy it from you providing the unit is still in good condition. We will conduct a more detailed inspection at your business location in order to determine whether the process tank can be given a new lease on life. We will arrange for all the necessary transportation during the sale to BTS and resale to the new owner. After all, smooth, high-quality transport is an important part of our job. If the reactor vessel you need isn't immediately available despite our extensive stock, feel free to contact our sales department.

Couldn't find the product you were looking for? Rest assured: we will take note of your question and inform you as soon as a suitable unit becomes available.

About us

BTS Tank Solutions is the largest company in Europe for the sale and purchase of used storage tanks – with some 2000 storage tanks in stock at any one time. BTS Tank Solutions customizes used tanks and produces new tanks. So call on BTS Tank Solutions to hire, buy or sell a tank.


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