Buying or renting a sea container

Our range of storage equipment is not limited to mixing, pressure and supply tanks. In addition to the storage and processing of raw materials and other substances, there is also an entire range of containers dedicated to the transport of general cargo and other items. This includes sea, road transport and railway containers. These types of storage containers are also featured in our product range. If you are seeking to buy a sea container, look no further than BTS Tank Solutions. We also offer container rentals.

Various second-hand sea containers for sale

Sea transport containers come in a range of sizes, models and designs. However, their lengths are standardised to a certain degree due to the fact that cargo ships are built to accommodate standard lengths of 10, 20, 30 and 40 feet. Some containers are 2.5 feet longer on both sides, and have a total length of 45 feet. However, the 40-ft sea container is the most commonly used type and serves as a standard for professional sea and road transport. The 40 and 45-ft versions also include what are known as high cube models. These containers are 30 centimetres taller than standard sizes. Our general range also includes tank containers for liquids, refrigerated and freezing containers and open sea transport containers. This means it's important to know which type you need before purchasing a second-hand sea container. 

Buying or selling a sea container

Although we can always provide a new sea container upon request, BTS Tank Solutions mainly specialises in the sale of refurbished containers. Feel free to contact us if you have a sea container for sale: your used containers are valuable. We conduct a thorough inspection of each second-hand container we are offered. Amongst other aspects, we check for tears or other damage to the container floor, walls and roof. We then inspect the container's access doors, locks and hatches (where present). Naturally, all containers used for sea transport must also be entirely water and liquid proof. As you would expect, all our containers have undergone the various mandatory inspections. 

Sea container rental

Businesses that only wish to use a sea container from time to time will be less inclined to buy one. BTS Tank Solutions offers a solution in the form of rental containers for limited periods. Sea containers are popular rental items. In addition to the transport of goods and substances, these containers can also be useful when storing materials temporarily or at a specific location. Feel free to contact our rental and sales team if you are interested in a rental container. This department can also help if you are seeking to buy one or more specific sea containers not listed on our website. Our staff will then actively seek out a sea transport container ideally suited to your requirements.

Couldn't find the product you were looking for? Rest assured: we will take note of your question and inform you as soon as a suitable unit becomes available.

About us

BTS Tank Solutions is the largest company in Europe for the sale and purchase of used storage tanks – with some 2000 storage tanks in stock at any one time. BTS Tank Solutions customizes used tanks and produces new tanks. So call on BTS Tank Solutions to hire, buy or sell a tank.


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