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BTS Tank Solutions uses cookies, pixels and similar technologies (hereinafter collectively referred to as ‘cookies’) on the website A cookie is a simple, small file that is sent to your computer alongside the pages of this website and/or Flash applications and is saved by the browser on your computer’s hard drive. Both BTS Tank Solutions and the parties we work with are able to place cookies on devices that you use to visit our website. By using our website, you are agreeing to our cookie policy.

Cookies do not endanger the security of your computer.

What types of cookies are there?

BTS Tank Solutions distinguishes between various types of cookies:

Website performance and optimisation

Functional cookies help make our website more user friendly by enabling basic functionalities such as page navigation and access to secure areas of the website. Our website will not be able to function properly without these cookies.

Measuring and analysing visitor (behaviour)

Our website uses a cookie (analytic cookies) that is placed by the American company Google as part of their Analytics service. We use this service to track and receive reports on how visitors use the website. Google is able to furnish this information to third parties if is under a legal obligation to do so or where such third parties process data on behalf of Google. This is not within our control. If you wish to unsubscribe, please download and install the add-on for your current browser. The information collected by Google is anonymised as much as possible. IP addresses are expressly omitted. The information is transferred by Google to servers in the United States where it is stored by Google.

Display of personalised ads

Our advertisers also place tracking cookies (marketing cookies) on your computer. These cookies are used to track what pages you visit, in order to build a profile of your online behaviour. This profile is partly put together based on similar information they receive from your visits to other websites on which they advertise. This profile is not linked to your name, address, email address and other personal data that is known to us, however is solely used to match ads to your visitor profile that are as relevant as possible to you. Some tracking cookies are placed by third parties and are also used to display ads to you through our website. These cookies can be removed centrally through Your Online Choices, ensuring that they are not placed back via another third-party website.

The list below outlines all the types of cookies that we use on our website and provides an overview of the partners we work with.

You are also able to delete cookies yourself, given that they are stored on your computer. Please see the suggestions above or consult your browser’s manual. If you wish to unsubscribe to the cookies of, then you will be able to do so at the bottom of this page.

TAG MANAGEMENT Google Tag Manager For the management of tags used to monitor the website, to manage other cookies, and the loading of scripts.
ADVERTISING & ANALYSE Google Analytics To measure and analyse where our visitors come from, what pages they visit, whether they make any purchases, etc. The information is also shared with Google Adwords for advertising purposes.

Cookie preferences

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About us

BTS Tank Solutions is the largest company in Europe for the sale and purchase of used storage tanks – with some 2000 storage tanks in stock at any one time. BTS Tank Solutions customizes used tanks and produces new tanks. So call on BTS Tank Solutions to hire, buy or sell a tank.


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