New and used portable tanks

Containers and tanks aren't always transported to their destination to be filled with substances for storage or further processing. It is also common practice in the professional transport sector to fill tanks at one location and transport them to another location over long distances. The industry carries out these shipments using portable tanks. As an all-round supplier, BTS Tank Solutions also offers a range of cargo, tank and transport containers. In addition to used cargo tanks, we also sell new models upon request.

Portable tank applications

Storage containers used as portable tanks are specially designed to facilitate transport by road, rail and water. These tanks are made to transport liquefied gases such as LPG, propane, butane and refrigerant gases. However, the nature of the substances that can be transported in any particular tank will depend on the relevant specifications. For example, some tank containers are suited to the transportation of beverages and other liquids. As a result, these tanks are also regularly used in the beverage and food industries as well as the pharmaceutical, chemical and petrochemical sectors. The BTS Tank Solutions site is home to a range of refurbished storage containers, including numerous used sea, railway and road transport tanks. Naturally, the available options in our second-hand range will depend on our recent purchases.

Portable tank construction and features

Despite their highly diverse nature, the truck, boat and train transport tanks sold by BTS Tank Solutions are also subject to certain standards. For example, the sector has developed general criteria for tank lengths and widths, simplifying the preparation and elaboration of logistics planning. These standards apply to international and intercontinental transport as well as domestic transhipments. Transport containers generally come in standard lengths of 10, 20 or 30 feet and may have a capacity of tens of thousands of litres. Typical tank containers have a cylindrical construction and are transported horizontally. They come in single and double-shell versions and may feature additional extras such as lifting eyes. In order to ensure smoother and safer transport over long distances, the portable tanks used in road, rail and sea transport are generally suspended in a chassis or frame.

Buying or selling a portable tank

If you are seeking to buy a second-hand tank, look no further than BTS Tank Solutions. Businesses offer us obsolete units in good condition on a weekly basis. As a part of our commitment to high quality standards, we subject every tank to a thorough internal and external inspection before sale. We will transport your shipping container to its delivery address. Naturally, the second-hand portable tanks featured in our range meet all applicable guidelines. We can also modify a container tank to your specifications, ensuring an optimal balance between volume, weight and pricing. BTS Tank Solutions also buys second-hand portable tanks, and will be glad to visit your location for a viewing.

Our sales staff will be happy to help you find the ideal portable tank to suit your needs. Couldn't find what you were looking for? Rest assured: we will take note of your question and inform you as soon as a suitable unit becomes available.

About us

BTS Tank Solutions is the largest company in Europe for the sale and purchase of used storage tanks – with some 2000 storage tanks in stock at any one time. BTS Tank Solutions customizes used tanks and produces new tanks. So call on BTS Tank Solutions to hire, buy or sell a tank.


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