Used storage tank

  • Material: Stainless steel 304
  • Condition: Used
  • Volume (in litres): 15000 L
  • In stock: 1
Item number 03.39.VE.01
Material Stainless steel 304
Finishing weldings inside Grinded
Number 1
Capacity (Liters) 15000
Type tank Storage tank
Fixation 4 legs
Model of the tank Vertical
Shape of the tank Cylindrical
Bottom Conical bottom
Tank model Single wall
Number lifting lugs 2
Number of manhole 1
Position of manhole (s) cylindrical part
Dimensions of manholes 350
Tank with total drain? Yes
Type of outlet (s) DIN
Diameter of outlet (mm) 40
locality B-7711 Belgium
Last application Food
Provision tank cleaning CIP ball
Condition Used
Type plate manufacturer No
Construction data available No
Appendix 1 t_0339VE01.pdf
03.39.VE.01 - Used storage tank
03.39.VE.01 - Used storage tank
03.39.VE.01 - Used storage tank
03.39.VE.01 - Used storage tank
03.39.VE.01 - Used storage tank
03.39.VE.01 - Used storage tank
Top side
Configuration top-side Closed
Detail closed top side Conical bottom
Periphery (mm) 7382
Cylindrical length (mm) 4030
Height bottom (mm) 250
Outside diameter tank (mm) 2350
Total height (mm) 5670
Diameter tank (mm) 2150
Insulation Yes
Performance insulation Fully insulated
Type of insulation PUR Foam
Finishing insulation fully welded cladding
Insulation material Stainless steel 304
Number of heating type 1
Heating 1: Type Heating coil only on the bottom
Heating 1: Max. service pressure 6
Heating 1: Max. design pressure °C 100
Description (EN) lime residue on the inside of the tank, heat exchanger is mounted on a flange and can be easily dismantled, material tank has been tested and is stainless steel 304
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